stupid Indians…

oh…I’m sorry – I mean stupid native americans.  Watching the news tonight and I just couldn’t even wait to post my opinion on the story. 

A few days from now is the fishing opener in my state.  But there are two tribes of “Native Americans” that are going to break the law and start fishing one day before it’s legal.  They’re whole point is that it’s their right to fish and hunt the land as they please because of some treaty in the 1800’s.  That if they aren’t allowed to do this that somehow “the white man” is stripping their people of their right to the land. 

Here’s what I don’t get…I would bet my life on the fact that these people don’t rely on hunting and fishing to sustain their life.  You know how I know that?  Well, the first reason is because I am sustaining them, along with every other hard working “white man.”  The government is taking away my money in taxes to “re-pay” them for the past – even though they weren’t alive back then and neither was I to do anything to them.  But somehow I still have to pay for them to have their own land and homes and schools and child support and a whole bunch of other shit because they were at one time discriminated against.  The second reason I know they’re not relying on hunting and fishing is because they look like normal people to me.  They drive cars.  They have boats with motors on them.  They’re wearing clothes that were purchased from a store.  And I would assume that they probably buy their food from grocery stores just like the rest of the population in my state.  And so if you’re not hunting or fishing for any other reason than anybody else in the state, why the hell do you think you should get your own special privileges?  These two tribes say that they hope they get citations and tickets for breaking the law – and you know what, so do I.  I hope they get thrown in jail and then slapped for being so stupid. 

Just because you have a certain ethnic background doesn’t mean that you should get any special privileges over any other people group.  That’s called racism.  If you want to live in this state, have the benefits of being a citizen of this state, receive your welfare (or-whatever-politically-correct-term-you-wanna-call-it) checks, get free education (while the rest of us pay more to support your lazy ass), enjoy the liberties….if you want that, then you better damn well follow the laws of the land and not bitch and moan when things don’t go your way.  Especially when your way doesn’t even make any sense and you’re just being a baby.  That’s just plain stupid.

And on a side note, since everyone refers to Indians as Native Americans and Blacks as African Americans, I would now like to be referred to as a European American.  Don’t call me white anymore.  I will take that as a racist comment and I will pull the race card on you.  How dare you call me by the color of my skin!  You should know better….



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